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Pediatric Prosthodontist

Give children with special dental implants to improve their teeth.

What does a Pediatric Prosthodontist do?

A child’s teeth are more than sharp weapons. Healthy teeth allow the child to eat, talk, and dazzle Photographers.

Some children don’t have healthy teeth due to congenital defects, malnutrition, or disease. When Dentists cannot fix the problem, the children visit Pediatric Prosthodontists for more advanced help. Pediatric Prosthodontists can provide all sorts of therapies that restore children’s teeth and help them look and feel better.

As a Pediatric Prosthodontist, you don’t accept patients who are older than 18. Often, you require patients to bring a referral note from a Dentist that describes the problem and the treatments that have been tried thus far to fix it.

Children with birth defects such as cleft palate may have teeth where they do not belong. In some cases, you can perform surgeries in your office to correct these major defects, but in others, you must perform surgeries in a hospital.

Some rough-and-tumble kids visit you because they’ve lost teeth due to accidents. You take molds of their teeth, create beautiful copies of the missing tooth, and install the fakes in the their mouths. Children who have lost teeth due to severe gum disease receive the same treatment, and you teach them how to care for teeth properly.

When your procedures are complete, you write a report for the children’s Dentists. In these reports, you detail exactly what you did, and exactly what could go wrong with your corrections. The children will likely see their Dentists for follow-up care.