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Pediatric Neuropsychologist

Administer tests to assess kids for brain injury.

What does a Pediatric Neuropsychologist do?

A Pediatric Neuropsychologist is an expert on the link between children’s brains and behaviors. That’s an intricate subject. After all, kids are known for having brains that cause them to say and do the darnedest and funniest things.

Unfortunately, that link is sometimes broken, resulting in a glitch in the mind-body connection that’s not at all funny, but rather extremely serious. When that happens, a Pediatric Neuropsychologist steps in, helping Doctors and parents understand the causes and effects.

As a Pediatric Neuropsychologist, you’re a Neuropsychologist who specializes in treating children and babies. You’re part of a medical team that often includes Neurosurgeons, Psychiatrists, Physicians, and Speech Therapists, all of whom collaborate with you in order to diagnose and treat kids who suffer from brain-related illness and injury.

When a child gets sick or hurt, you determine whether their brain has been affected using a series of cognitive tests involving everything from speech to memory to motor skills to learning. You might find good news (the child’s brain is functioning normally, which means their injury is purely physical and not mental) or bad news (ranging from ADHD to mental retardation to autism to Asperger’s syndrome). Either way, your role typically isn’t treating the condition. It’s diagnosing it – which is no easy task, since even a healthy child’s brain is like a strand of Christmas lights that hasn’t been untangled yet!