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Pediatric Neurologist

Look after the developing nervous systems of babies and children.

What does a Pediatric Neurologist do?

As a Pediatric Neurologist, you help heal the youngest minds. You specialize in neurological disorders afflicting brains that are still developing. Being a Pediatric Neurologist requires an in-depth understanding of mental development, and familiarity with a wide variety of neurological disorders, both general and pediatric. Attention deficit disorder, autism spectrum disorders, and delayed speech or motor development are just a few of the ailments against which you pit your mind and skills.

Workplaces and schedules for Pediatric Neurologists vary widely. You can work long hours in a hospital or group clinic, dealing with a high volume of patients with severe issues. Or, you can work in private practice, controlling your office hours and seeing only a select few children. Where you are in your career and what kind of community you choose to set up your practice in influence these conditions.

Even in private practice, you’re always part of a bigger care team. General Physicians, Neurosurgeons, Educators, and other medical professionals are all involved in helping your patients achieve optimal mental health and development. You need to keep detailed records and have strong communication skills in order to effectively share information with the rest of your team. A good sense of humor is often desirable as well when dealing with children who may have communication or behavioral issues related to their neurological conditions.