Pediatric Naturopathic Physician

Use holistic lifestyle healing to treat children.

What does a Pediatric Naturopathic Physician do?

A whole is the sum of its parts according to Pediatric Naturopathic Physicians. Dedicated to treating children through natural remedies instead of medication, Pediatric Naturopathic Physicians focus on not just a tummy ache or a cold on its own, but also the child’s lifestyle to boost overall health and heal minor problems.

Your love of children and desire to help others heal naturally are strong indications that you could do well as a Pediatric Naturopathic Physician. Like any other Physician, you meet clients in your office, make a diagnosis, and administer treatment. The difference lies in the treatment plans you choose. While a Physician may prescribe a medication for pain, you focus on pain-relieving techniques, a healthy lifestyle, and the use of herbal or natural supplements to help treat the child.

Of course, this holistic approach isn’t perfect. Some illnesses do still require medication or even surgery to fix. You must play Detective to determine how serious the problem is and whether or not a less invasive approach will fix it.

One of your most important skills, however, is not your power of reasoning but your ability to read between the lines. Children aren’t as upfront as adults about what’s bothering them. A boo-boo could be more serious than the child is letting on. Between you and the child’s parents, the best treatments are chosen, resulting in healthy and happy children.