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Pediatric Dietitian

Help children of all ages with their food and diet.

What does a Pediatric Dietitian do?

A Pediatric Dietitian ensures that the children and adolescents under his or her care receive the nutrients they need. Working with Physicians, school officials, and Caregivers, Pediatric Dietitians provide information on childhood dietary requirements so their young clients can reach their full growth and health potential.

Superior analytical skills are essential in the position of Pediatric Dietitian, as you assess each child’s diet and make recommendations for improvement. For example, five-year-old Olivia is underweight and not gaining as much weight as the other children in her family. So you evaluate her diet and look for areas where improvements can be made. You notice she’s not eating enough protein, so you recommend an extra serving of protein-rich foods like meat and nuts (even peanut butter) each day.

Working in an educational environment, you oversee the menu or prepared foods served daily. Using your superb communication skills, you create a plan for School Administrators and kitchen staff members that outlines the basic nutritional needs of growing children. In addition to this, you educate school officials, parents, and the community in general on the importance of healthy eating habits for children.

The consistent schedule coupled with the knowledge that you’re doing a great service to the youth means you’ll never end the day with regret. Each new day promises a brighter and healthier future for the children of your community.