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Pediatric Dermatologist

Work with children who have skin diseases and disorders.

What does a Pediatric Dermatologist do?

Along with the joys of growing and exploring the world, not-so-pleasant situations are an inevitable part of children’s lives. A noticeable birthmark or a child’s first wart can be stressful, and a parent may decide the skin condition needs a Doctor ‘s opinion. A Pediatric Dermatologist treats these and other skin conditions in patients ranging from babies to teenagers.

You start your workday as a Pediatric Dermatologist by meeting with a child’s parents and performing an examination of the child. Often, this is a quick process as it takes little more than a glance to identify a wart or a particularly bad case of dandruff. If you need to run any tests, you take samples and send them to the lab for processing.

Once the results are in, you make a diagnosis. Dandruff needs a strong shampoo, warts can be frozen or burned off, and other unwelcome skin markings require only minor surgery to remove or reduce.

Treatments such as a wart removal can be done right in the office, and are virtually painless. It can be a challenge to convince a child to hold still though, so it never hurts to have a stash of candy and stickers on hand. Your work as a Pediatric Dermatologist is crucial to helping kids, who may not cooperate or be able to answer your questions the way an adult patient could. Your knowledge, love for kids, and ability to correctly guess the cause of a problem are what make you stand out in your field.