Pediatric Audiologist

Provide solutions for children with hearing loss.

What does a Pediatric Audiologist do?

Aging rockers can develop hearing loss from years of listening to howling music. Small children may also face hearing loss, whether or not they’ve attended even one rock concert. Hearing loss in kids is particularly serious, as it can keep them from succeeding in school. A Pediatric Audiologist diagnoses hearing loss in children, and provides solutions to help them.

When a child fails a hearing test given by a Doctor or an Audiometrist, they come to see a Pediatric Audiologist for additional testing. The child’s parents may be concerned and full of questions. The atmosphere in the exam room can be tense, until you put the child at ease with your kind and gentle manner.

As a Pediatric Audiologist, you discuss the test results and talk to the child directly to determine how well they can communicate. Once the child seems relaxed and comfortable, you progress to more intensive exams.

During the exam, you look for any physical malformations in the child’s ears that may be causing the hearing loss. You also perform a series of tests until you’ve pinpointed the exact cause. Keeping accurate notes during each exam helps you track the progress of your patient over time.

Once you’ve determined the cause of the hearing loss, you talk to the parents about treatment options. Often, you refer the child to a Speech Pathologist, a professional who helps hearing-impaired people learn to speak properly. Sometimes, you suggest hearing aids or implants that can help the child hear.

The same patients may visit you for years and years, and you have the distinct joy of watching your patients grow and improve. This is the most rewarding part of your job, and your office is littered with thank you cards covered with glitter and crayon.