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Peat Shredder Tender

Tend equipment that grind and bag peat mosses.

What does a Peat Shredder Tender do?

Tends equipment that grinds and bags peat moss: Dumps peat moss into shredder that removes foreign matter, using tractor. Observes graph on gas furnace that dries peat moss and adjusts thermostat to maintain specified temperature. Inspects equipment to detect jams and mechanical breakdowns in equipment which cools and grinds peat moss. Observes and feels ground peat moss to determine its consistency. Stops equipment to clear jams and make minor adjustments to fans, blowers, and hammer mill, using handtools. Attaches bag to spout of filling machine and pulls lever to start machine that fills bag to specified weight. Removes bag and places it in loading zone. Loads filled bags on handtruck and transfers them to storage area.