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PCB Drafter

Create detailed drawings of wiring systems and machines.

What does a PCB Drafter do?

Like any Electronics Drafter, a PCB Drafter creates detailed drawings of wiring systems or machines. As a PCB Drafter, though, you focus on printed circuit boards (or PCBs).

So what exactly are PCBs? They’re flat boards found inside just about any electronic gadget you can think of, from TVs to computer mice. The PCB in any gadget connects all the electrical parts, forming conduits and making the product work.

As a PCB Drafter, you work closely with PCB Designers. Usually, they’re the ones who come up with the idea for the layout, and you’re the one who turns that idea into an actual design. You need to be able to comprehend complex electronic directions and blueprints to turn their concept into something the production team can actually understand.

While designing a PCB, you must keep in mind which parts of the gadget need to work together later on. This means you can’t just randomly place components wherever they will fit. Instead, you figure out which pieces need to sit next to each other to make the gadget work, and how the size or shape of the board will affect your layout.

One of the most important skills you should have is a good understanding of CADD-computer-aided design and drafting. This computer program is what you primarily use to create your circuit boards, as it lets you view your work in 3D before the board is even created.