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PC Technician

Diagnose and repair home computers.

What does a PC Technician do?

What does a PC Technician do? A more apt question might be, “What doesn’t a PC Technician do?” That’s because PC Technicians handle just about anything that has to do with a personal computer (PC). Your job is similar to that of a Auto Mechanic in that you provide customer service, diagnose the problem, offer a bid, perform the necessary repairs, and follow up with the customer to ensure his or her satisfaction.

PCs specifically refer to computers that are IBM-compatible, in contrast to Macs, which are Apple products. This distinction is important because, although the two machines are becoming more similar, they have wildly different operating systems and repair needs. You are a specialist in PCs.

Common customer service issues often relate to internet connectivity, routers, modems, error messages, or slow performance. When you can’t talk the customer through the problem on the phone, it’s time to dig around inside the machine. Once the customer delivers the computer, you run diagnostic software to establish the cause of the issue.

Although you are also a whiz at the software programs, the hardware of the machine is really your area of expertise. You pull parts out and replace them one at a time until you locate the faulty hardware. Once you do, you repair or replace the parts, keeping a total of costs as you work. Then you install updates, and clean the system up so the customer regains the desired performance.