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Payroll Supervisor

Ensure paychecks are of the correct amounts and go out on time.

What does a Payroll Supervisor do?

Every business needs someone to be in charge of payroll. After all, they’d be hard pressed to find employees who’d work without receiving a paycheck. In smaller businesses, the payroll department might consist of mom cutting checks in between phone calls and customer service. In larger companies, human resource workers lump payroll duties in with the rest of their work.

Large or small, some companies choose to hire an organization to process their payroll needs. A Payroll Supervisor monitors the activities of the payroll staff. Payroll Supervisors report to the Payroll Managers because they have a firm grasp on the activities within the department. If you’re a Payroll Supervisor, you in the hiring, evaluation, and promotion process, and fill in when the Manager is out of the office.

Your day-to-day tasks include answering customer questions and solving problems. You are the point of contact between businesses and your staff, so you find out when the checks will go out, how many there will be, and who will receive them. Your staff looks to you when a check needs to be reissued, or when they have questions regarding vacation time, sick pay, and deductions.

In addition to answering questions, you act as the Cheerleader for the office. You keep the staff on task while finding ways to mentor and motivate them. You also encourage positive relationships with the clients and consistently look for ways to improve the payroll process.