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Paving Laborer

Smooth hot asphalt into tomorrow's roadways with a little elbow grease.

What does a Paving Laborer do?

Many good jobs require on-the-job training. By accepting an entry-level position, you’re making an investment in your career in that field, learning the lingo and making connections. A Paving Laborer job is one of these positions. By working as a Paving Laborer, you’ll learn all about paving, which can lead to Equipment Operator and Foreman jobs down the line.

As a Paving Laborer, you’re at the bottom of the totem pole. When you get to work each morning, likely long before your coworkers arrive, you inspect the equipment and make sure it’s in good working order. You check that each truck has the proper equipment, and that everything is ready to go for that day.

On the site, you often work as a helper to the crew. You fetch equipment from the trucks, hand it to workers, and repair broken tools. You also gather delivery slips for shipments that arrive on the worksite.

In addition to these assistant roles, you work on the hot asphalt, making sure it is applied smoothly. If you see thin patches, you add more. You may step in and operate machinery very briefly while other workers are occupied. This is incredibly valuable experience since it allows you to become familiar with all the paving tools used on the job.

The days will be scorching, and you’ll be standing on hot asphalt. You’ll be moving heavy equipment, and standing most of the day. If you can tolerate these conditions without melting, weeping, or yelling, you’ll go far in this career.