Pattern Maker

Create a design or prototype model from which products are replicated.

What does a Pattern Maker do?

Pattern-making is the essence of the fashion industry, as you create the initial designs or templates for clothes, bags, shoes, or other accessories based on product specific instructions. The nature of the work depends on the material the pattern maker is specialized to handle, such as fabric, leather, plastic, or wood. A pattern maker must have the skill to work with material-specific tools.

As a pattern maker, you study the instructions provided, measure, draw, and cut out the pieces of a pattern. Sometimes, you create your own patterns. A pattern maker could help decide the color and material of the pattern. When required, you make changes or come up with creative suggestions to make improvements to the design.

Creativity, the ability to visualize, and attention to detail are necessary for this job. You cannot be a pattern maker without knowledge of measurements and the use of geometric shapes, as well as drawing skills. A degree in art or a course in fashion designing, in addition to a love of clothing, is a prerequisite for a career as a pattern maker.