Pattern Grader

Resize clothing designs to fit any shapefrom a double XL to a petite 0.

What does a Pattern Grader do?

Though a Pattern Grader might sound like a person who works at the end of finals in fashion school, their real job is to take a design and make it wearable for anyone. A Pattern Grader reworks patterns, shrinking and expanding them so they can fit everyone from a double XL to a petite 0.

Though as a Pattern Grader you get to work with a lot of designs, you’re more technical than artistic. You take completed designs and then figure out how to remake them to fit different sizes and shapes. To do this, you can hand-draw the new pattern or outline, use charts, or (more commonly) use computer programs. You adjust the design depending on what the client wants.

If you’re resizing for a big clothing store or company, you make patterns for sizes ranging from extra small to extra large, and include different lengths. The amount and type of shapes needed are given to you by the store’s main office. You create the necessary patterns, and then ship off the finished designs to the company’s manufacturing plants, where they can start mass-producing the new line. If you’re working for an individual person, like some wedding dress manufacturers do, you enter in much more exact measurements, and end up with a custom-fitted piece.

Be aware that if you want a more creative role designing the season’s fashions, this might not be a good fit. This position tends to be a lot of the same thing day in and day out.