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Guard, patrol, and police railroad yards, stations, and other facilities.

What does a Patroller do?

Guards, patrols, and polices railroad yards, stations, and other facilities to protect company property: Examines credentials of persons desiring entrance to unauthorized areas. Patrols yards to apprehend unauthorized persons and remove them from yard. Walks about stations or terminal to maintain order. Polices right-of-way to prevent dumping of rubbish on company grounds. Arrests persons dumping rubbish on grounds. Cooperates with local law enforcement agencies in apprehending trespassers or thieves. May record seal numbers of boxcars containing high pilferage items, such as cigarettes and liquor, and verify record with electronic data processing list of original seal and car numbers to detect pilfered cars. May seal empty boxcars by twisting nails in door hasps, using nail twister. May be designated according to assigned post as Gate Guard; Right-Of-Way Inspector; Station Patroller; Yard Patroller.