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Patrol Division Deputy Sheriff

Supervise the squad units in law enforcement activities.

What does a Patrol Division Deputy Sheriff do?

Supervises and coordinates activities of one or more squad units in law enforcement activities of patrol and criminal division of county sheriff’s department: Reviews duty log of previous shift. Assigns units to posts based on activities of log or on order of DEPUTY SHERIFF, CHIEF. Tours patrol areas to ensure execution of orders and adherence to divisional work procedures. Inspects uniform appearance of officers and checks patrol vehicles for conformity to standards. Directs squad activities in cases of civil unrest or emergency to coordinate deployment of human resources and weapons, first aid units, sniper-suppression teams, search-rescue units, and mounted forces. Consults with state and local law enforcement agencies to provide or obtain information. Prepares reports about patrol activities, squad efficiency, discipline, and personnel evaluation and submits reports to superior. Prepares shift schedules and human resource projections. Conducts hearings in cases of misconduct of subordinates. Evaluates reports on undercover operations, determines priority, and assigns personnel to cases. Supervises officers in obtaining court orders and oversees procedures involved with arrests, fingerprinting, and filing of charges. Trains officers in police techniques. Assists subordinates in operations, such as surveillance, raids, and arrests. May speak before civic groups on law enforcement topics. May act as receiving officer for division when accepting delivery of equipment and supplies. May act as extradition officer for division. May perform duties of absent DEPUTY SHERIFF, CHIEF.