Patient Services Manager

Enhance patient services so hospital stays are less stressful.

What does a Patient Services Manager do?

If you want to work in health care, the job of Patient Services Manager provides front row access in delivering services to patients. The Patient Services Manager works directly with the staff and patients to implement the policies that best provide for the patient.

When it comes to medical care, everyone must follow regulations. Part of your job as a Patient Services Manager is to make sure the staff obeys the procedures put in place by government or administration. Beyond that, though, you spend a lot of time evaluating what works and what doesn’t. Are the Nurses so hung up in charting that they consistently work late? Are meals delivered when the patient is scheduled to be out of the room? Does the computer software require approval from a staff member not on duty? Food, technology, staffing issues-all of these things and many more affect the quality of a patient’s stay.

Since your goal is continuous improvement, you regularly attend meetings and presentations to learn about new techniques, equipment, and policies. With this constant education, you observe and evaluate current procedures and then tweak them or create new ones to ensure the best possible patient care.

In addition to direct care of patients, you also supervise the maintenance, repairs, and cleaning of equipment and act as liaison between upper management and the medical staff. That role has you conforming to company policy and budget constraints, while you hire, train, evaluate, and manage staff. There is never a dull day in this position!