Patient-Resources-and-Reimbursement Agent

Investigate financial assets of hospitalized mental patients.

What does a Patient-Resources-and-Reimbursement Agent do?

Investigates financial assets, properties, and resources of hospitalized retarded and brain-damaged clients to protect financial interests and provide reimbursement of hospital costs: Visits and interviews or contacts by mail or telephone relatives, friends, former employers, pension funds, fraternal and veterans organizations and government agencies. Records documentation of financial resources in patient files. Analyzes data accumulated, such as disability allowances, medicare, medicaid, social security pension, dividends, interest, and insurance, and determines ability to pay for hospitalization. Determines additional sources from which reimbursements can be obtained. Prepares reports and enumerates amounts and sources of reimbursements, including public assistance from social agencies in behalf of patients and families. Reviews patients’ records to ensure that reimbursements are maintained. Applies for appointment of conservators to financially protect patients with assets over statutory limits and submits names of appointees to courts. Occasionally attends court hearings to protect patient interests.