Patent Engineer

Help clients protect their products by researching or creating patents.

What does a Patent Engineer do?

The process seems simple enough. Someone creates the next standout product, prepares to witness Christmas shoppers flocking to the stores to buy it, and then realizes they need to patent their idea. No problem, they just need to fill out a patent application and send it in, right? Not so fast.

By the time a client reaches the Patent Engineer, they’ve probably already learned that the road to acquiring a patent can be a long and stressful one. But the Patent Engineer calms their fears, takes on the challenge, and begins his or her work. If you’re a Patent Engineer, you start the process by understanding what the product is. In fact, this is so important that you often specialize in one type of product.

You commonly work for a large corporation, researching and writing patents for a series of similar products, but you might also hunt down new inventions and work with the Inventors to get the products patented. In order to properly research the existence of similar products, you analyze the design, ask questions, take notes, and try to find any registered patents or copyrights comparable in design.

If the avenue to the patent office appears free from obstacles, you consider legal issues, evaluate technical aspects, make drawings and sketches, complete the patent application, and send it off to the patent office for review and approval.