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Patent Agent

Take care of patent applications on behalf of clients.

What does a Patent Agent do?

Are you fascinated by new inventions? Do you have a passion for the technical workings of products? Do you possess an analytical mind and an eye for detail? If so, you’d be right at home as a Patent Agent.

Patents are a form of protection offered by the government for Inventors of new, or newly redesigned, products. With a patent, an Inventor doesn’t have to worry that someone will steal his or her idea or design.

The job of a Patent Agent is to act as the liaison between the Inventor and the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). If you’re a Patent Agent, you work with the USPTO and are a specialist on all the rules and regulations they have in place.

You create drafts of the patent application, working with teams of Lawyers and government staff. Once the draft is complete and approved, you process and file the application, follow up on incomplete information, and track its progress. This is commonly done through a web-based program, so you’re trained on the use of the system.

You might perform these tasks in conjunction with another job, such as lawyering. In other words, you may be a Lawyer who is also certified in patents. Whether you hold another title or not, you must be up-to-date on all aspects of the Manual of Patent Examination Procedures (MPEP), as well as the International Patent Corporation Treaty (PCT).