Pastry Finisher

Use icing to literally put the finishing touches on cakes and pastries.

What does a Pastry Finisher do?

A Pastry Finisher is quite literally the icing on the cake. Pastry Finishers use special tools, sugars, and frostings to make an already delectable dessert even sweeter.

Cake and pastry shops draw in customers with their mouthwatering window displays just as much as with the smell that wafts out their doors. As a Pastry Finisher, the designs that you place on pastries can’t just look nice; the glitter glue and stickers you might pull out of your craft drawer just won’t cut it. The crystal sugar butterflies, frosted flowers, and sculpted swirls set atop your cupcakes all have to be completely edible, and completely delicious.

More often than not, you won’t be the one doing the baking, which leaves you plenty of time to add the finishing touches to all the pastries that come your way-and there may be quite a few. While you’re an Artist with a tube of piping, you must also be a machine pumping out as many baked goods as you can. You need a lot of stamina and a steady icing hand, as you may be expected to get through over a thousand cupcakes, cookies, and cream puffs in one day.

This art allows you to flex your creativity as you constantly try new methods of decoration. What’s the best way to get a (craft glitter-free) sparkly sheen? What dyes icing the brightest red? Which sugar snowflake tastes best?

You have plenty of opportunity to find out. Just make sure you don’t eat what you make, or you might have trouble finding something to sell!