Paste Up Artist

Assemble typeset copy and artwork into pasteup for printing reproduction.

What does a Paste Up Artist do?

Assembles typeset copy and artwork into pasteup for printing reproduction: Measures and marks board according to GRAPHIC DESIGNER 141.061-018 or artist’s layout to indicate position of artwork, typeset copy, page edges, folds, and colors, using ruler and drafting instruments. Measures artwork and layout space of artwork on pasteup and compares measurements, using ruler and proportion wheel, to determine proportions needed to make reduced or enlarged photographic prints for pasteup. Cuts and trims typeset copy and artwork to specified size, applies adhesive, and aligns artwork and typeset copy on board, following position marks, and removes excess adhesive from board, using scissors, artist’s knife, and drafting instruments. Tapes transparent plastic overlay to board, positions and applies copy to plastic, and applies masking film to artwork layout space on overlay to create clear space on negative where artwork can be added later by STRIPPER, LITHOGRAPHIC I 972.281-022. Indicates crop marks and enlargement or reduction measurements on photographs with grease pencil to prepare photographs for STRIPPER, LITHOGRAPHIC I, and covers photographs with tissue paper to protect photographs. Tapes tracing paper to board to protect artwork and copy, and writes specifications on tracing paper to provide information to PHOTOGRAPHER, LITHOGRAPHIC 972.382-014; STRIPPER, LITHOGRAPHIC I; and OFFSET-PRESS OPERATOR I 651.382-042. May make negatives or prints of artwork, using photographic equipment, to prepare artwork for pasteup. May operate phototypesetter to prepare typeset copy for pasteup. May operate electronic plotter to draw artwork positions on pasteup.