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Paste Mixer

Tend mixing machines that mix lead oxide powders, water, and acid.

What does a Paste Mixer do?

Tends mixing machine or mulling mill that mixes lead oxide powders, water, and acid into paste for storage-battery grids: Measures or weighs specified amounts of oxide, water, and acid, using barrels, buckets, or measuring tanks. Dumps barrels of oxide into mixer or into pit equipped with bucket elevator and conveyor leading to mixer. Starts mixer and turns valves to add specified amount of water and acid to oxide. Tests sample of paste for temperature, solidity, and density, using probe thermometer, penetrometer, and gram scale and records results. Dumps mixture into cart and pushes or pulls cart to pasting machine. Records batch weight and starting and withdrawal time. Cleans machine, using water and brush. May tend equipment to heat and mix ingredients of liquid paste and be designated Paste Mixer, Liquid.