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Passenger Service Representative

Render a variety of personal services to airline passengers.

What does a Passenger Service Representative do?

Renders variety of personal services to airline passengers requiring other than normal service, such as company officials, distinguished persons, foreign speaking passengers, invalids, and unaccompanied children: Greets and escorts distinguished persons to lounge or waiting area. Transports special passengers between lobby and boarding area, using electric cart. Gives aid to ill or injured passengers and obtains medical assistance. Informs relatives of passengers whereabouts and condition. Assists elderly persons and unaccompanied children in claiming personal belongings and baggage. Prepares baby food for mothers with infants. Accompanies foreign speaking passengers, or aliens traveling without visas, aboard airplane and introduces them to AIRPLANE-FLIGHT ATTENDANT. Arranges for air commuter and ground transportation. Teletypes or telephones down-line stations regarding special services for arriving passengers.