Passenger Car Conductor

Coordinate activities of train crews engaged in transporting passengers.

What does a Passenger Car Conductor do?

Coordinates activities of train crew engaged in transporting passengers on passenger train: Reads train orders, timetable schedules, and other written instructions received from TRAIN DISPATCHER and discusses contents with LOCOMOTIVE ENGINEER and train crew. Compares watch with that of LOCOMOTIVE ENGINEER to ensure that departure time from station or terminal is in accordance with timetable schedules. Assists passengers to board train. Signals LOCOMOTIVE ENGINEER to begin train run, using radiotelephone, giving hand signals, or by waving lantern. Collects tickets, fares, or passes from passengers. Answers passengers’ questions concerning train rules and regulations and timetable schedules. Announces names of train stations and terminals to passengers. Supervises workers who inspect air brakes, airhoses, couplings, and journal boxes and who regulate air-conditioning, lighting, and heating to ensure safety and comfort to passengers. Assists passengers to get off train at stations or terminals. Prepares reports at end of run to explain accidents, unscheduled stops, or delays.