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Parts Salesperson

Sell automotive, appliance, electrical, and other parts and equipment.

What does a Parts Salesperson do?

Sells automotive, appliance, electrical, and other parts and equipment in repair facility or parts store: Ascertains make, year, and type of part needed, inspects worn, damaged, or defective part to determine replacement required, or advises customer of part needed according to description of malfunction. Discusses use and features of various parts, based on knowledge of machine or equipment. Reads catalog, microfiche viewer, or computer for replacement part stock number and price. Advises customer on substitution or modification of part when replacement is not available. Examines returned part to determine if defective, and exchanges part or refunds money. Fills customer orders from stock. Marks and stores parts in stockroom according to prearranged system. Receives and fills telephone orders for parts. Performs other duties as described under SALESPERSON Master Title. May measure engine parts, using precision measuring instruments, to determine whether similar parts may be machined down or built up to required size. Usually specializes in selling parts for one type of machinery or equipment and is designated according to part sold, as Counter Clerk, Appliance Parts; Counter Clerk, Automotive Parts; Counter Clerk, Farm Equipment Parts; Counter Clerk, Industrial Machinery and Equipment Parts; Counter Clerk, Radio, Television, and Electronics Parts; Counter Clerk, Tractor Parts; Counter Clerk, Truck Parts.