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Parts Model Agent

Find bookings for models who showcase only certain body parts.

What does a Parts Model Agent do?

A Parts Model Agent books jobs for clients who model specific parts of their body for advertisements. Parts Model Agents have a long list of clients with specific features that can be modeled. Many Models who come into an agency looking for representation may not know that they don’t have the right face, legs, etc., but they think they have what it takes. It’s your job as a Parts Model Agent to pick out their strong points, and find them jobs based on those strengths.

Have you ever seen that episode of Seinfeld where George becomes a Hand Model? He was told by many people that he had great hands, and so he looked into an agency, which loved his “look” and gave him work.

It sort of happens like this: People show an interest in modeling a specific body part — legs are another common feature — and you decide if they’re up to industry standards. If they are, you match them to clients who are looking for those specific features for their ad campaigns. You then send the Models on go-sees.

You can also recruit Models. If you’re in charge of a specific body part at your agency — for example, hands — you probably notice hands more than the next person. So, the next time your Waitress with the long slender fingers sets your dinner down in front of you, you can ask her if she has representation for her fantastic digits.