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Parts Counter Specialist

Specialize in stocking and selling a particular brand or type of auto part.

What does a Parts Counter Specialist do?

Like cells that make up the different organs and systems in our bodies, parts are needed to complete various machines. A Parts Counter Specialist helps customers, both internal and external, find the perfect parts to make a wide range of machines, from cars to tractors, run smoothly.

In some ways, the job of a Parts Counter Specialist is a lot like that of a Parts Advisor. Like them, you need excellent customer service skills and must be able to do everything necessary to help out a client in order to be a good Parts Counter Specialist. You have non-customer-related tasks as well, like making sure your business or automotive shop has every part in stock to keep even the most unique part needs satisfied.

The difference lies in how specialized you are in your knowledge. Many Parts Counter Specialists tend to work for one company and handle only its specific products.

Say, for example, you work for John Deere. You would be able to answer any questions a customer has about fixing a John Deere, including what parts are needed for certain problems and what parts can be substituted when the original is missing. If the person asks about another type of tractor, though, like a Kubota, you wouldn’t really be able to help them out.

You also count inventory and keep detailed sales records so you know exactly what you have available for customers. You use part catalogs and computerized inventory systems to find parts, and then either complete the sale or arrange for the order to be shipped.