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Parts Cataloger

Review blueprints, change orders, and other engineering data.

What does a Parts Cataloger do?

Reviews blueprints, change orders, and other engineering data to prepare and maintain master parts listings, catalogs, and other documentation used for material requisitioning and disbursement, inventory control, production planning, scheduling, and related manufacturing activities: Examines engineering drawings, blueprints, orders, and other documentation for conformance to established criteria regarding materials, parts, and equipment specified, and initiates requests for changes to ensure compliance with standards. Reviews engineering data and compiles list of materials, parts, and equipment required for manufacturing product. Prepares and maintains manual or computerized record systems providing detailed parts information, such as complete description, quantities, operational characteristics, functions, and specifications [PARTS LISTER 229.367-014]. Prepares and updates parts catalogs, manuals, and related documentation. Releases parts data and documentation to authorized departments and organizations. May determine material requirements for fabricating parts, considering size, cutting, and forming involved. May assist in determining adequate spare parts inventory requirements for customers.