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Parts Advisor

Recommend the right part or tool to fix each customer's vehicle.

What does a Parts Advisor do?

Human Resources Advisors help Managers with employees, Investment Advisors help with money questions, and Residential Advisors help college students find housing. Just like any advisor, a Parts Advisor helps, too. Of course, the difference lies in who you help and what you help them with. As a Parts Advisor, you work with customers who are looking to improve or fix their cars, giving them advice and providing customer service to get them the necessary parts.

Car dealerships, Mechanic shops, and general parts stores all hire Parts Advisors. The one thing all of these places have in common is they expect your customer service skills to be top-notch. You work directly with clients, usually in person but sometimes over the phone or online, to make sure they have an excellent shopping experience while getting exactly what they want. Though the customer you work with is usually an external client, you can also work with internal clients, like Automotive Mechanics ordering the parts they need to make the necessary fixes to vehicles.

The first thing you do is figure out what your client is ultimately after, whether it’s a specific look for their car or a part that will make it run better. You give suggestions, educate them on the different parts, and then finish the transaction by taking money for the sale.

When you’re not with customers, you make sure your store is full of parts for any problem a customer might have. You also order new parts, keep track of what you sell, and, in general, make sure your store is stocked for customers.