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Part Maker

Form and line parts for use in jewelry and instrument cases.

What does a Part Maker do?

Forms and lines parts for use in jewelry and instrument cases, performing any combination of following duties: Glues specified fabric on cardboard blanks to make lining base. Inserts cotton pad in lining to form cushion. Places glue-coated fabric on precut metal strip in jig and pulls handle of heating device to fold and seal fabric around strip to form bracelet-type watch holder. Places covered bracelet band on metal cylinder and shapes by hand or in groove of forming device and turns handle to shape band around form. Inserts wire spring in lining pad and positions pad and bracelet on holders in fixture. Pulls feeder that picks up and fits spring into groove on bracelet. Pulls lever of fastening device to press spring in place and fasten bracelet to pad or inserts bracelet into groove by hand. Records number and type of parts made. May be designated according to specific part made as Bracelet-Form Coverer; Bracelet Former; Cushion Maker, Hand; Lining Maker, Hand; Pad Assembler.