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Parole Officer

Keep released prisoners from relapsing into bad habits.

What does a Parole Officer do?

Parole Officers serve as a source of positive change in the lives of criminals who are set free from jail for good behavior. Parole Officers help these recently released inmates adapt to life outside of prison. Each person has different needs and, as a Parole Officer, you work to outline the best course of action for each one. This can include therapy sessions, educational training, and volunteer opportunities for the former inmates you oversee.

Your daily tasks include talking with released inmates, outlining goals and plans for their lives, and encouraging them to get more involved in positive programs, such as volunteer organizations.

When a newly released inmate finds himself struggling to cope with daily life or hardships that befall him, he may call you for help. You strike a balance between emotional support and firm guidance. Though your goals change based on the individual you’re working with, you still focus on three main objectives: offering emotional support, helping them readjust to daily life, and preventing them from committing another crime. To ensure a released inmate doesn’t fall back into the same old habits, you might help her enroll in community service or return to school at a community college.

This is a job with big responsibilities, but also big rewards. And while the work week can get a bit crazy at times, at the end of the day you’re making a huge, positive impact on other people.