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Parking Enforcement Officer

Patrol streets and other parking spaces for illegally parked vehicles.

What does a Parking Enforcement Officer do?

A Parking Enforcement Officer keeps the streets (or at least the parking spaces) free from riffraff and delinquents (bad parkers). Parking Enforcement Officers make sure people park where they’re supposed to, and when they don’t, they get a ticket.

What’s an average day like?

Patrolling a designated area of a city, most often public parking lots, city streets, and parking ramps, you enforce the parking laws. That might mean identifying vehicles that are parked illegally (like in front of a fire hydrant), or looking for parking meters that have not been paid.

You’re responsible for knowing city and state laws, including specific parking-related ordinances. This position also gives you the opportunity to interact with the public, which requires patience and good communication skills. While you’re not required to hold classes on parking laws, you must understand them well enough to engage in conversations with vehicle owners.

Physical strength and endurance are required for this position, as you will likely walk, stand, and bend for entire shifts. Working outside gives you the chance to enjoy the sunshine, make new friends in the neighborhood you patrol, and save animals too (since you may enforce animal cruelty laws when you find pets locked in hot cars).

Why does this job matter?

Without your work, the streets would be filled with illegally parked cars. This might not always be the most pleasant job (people can get angry when you give them a ticket), but you’re doing your part to make society run smoothly.