Park Superintendent

Oversee the running of parks, both big and small.

What does a Park Superintendent do?

Keepers of natural treasures like Yellowstone, the Redwood Forest, and Yosemite, park superintendents oversee the entire process of running and coordinating parks both legendary and humble. More often than not you’re responsible for state and even local parks which need just as much care to be kept clean, safe, and beautiful as the monolithic national parks.

Your first and foremost responsibility as a park superintendent lies with hiring, training, and managing staff and park rangers. They’re your eyes and ears. While you still get a chance to spend a lot of time outdoors in your park surveying and actively interacting with guests, there are times where you find yourself in your office finishing expense reports and filing records. The rangers, meanwhile, clean up vandalism, investigate accidents, and regulate wildlife.

It’s important to keep your park guests and campers happy with improved trails and freshly posted signs, and entertained with campsite events and organized hikes, but you never forget your promise to preserve nature. The piece of the wild that you’re given to oversee is a limited resource, and one that must constantly be protected by you and your rangers.

It’s a lot to keep on your plate, but with a strong sense of motivation and an organized clipboard, you can accomplish anything! If you ever get discouraged with the length of your to-do list, all you need to do is look at your surroundings to realize how lucky you are to be a guardian of the great outdoors.