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Parcel Post Clerk

Wrap, inspect, weigh, and affix postages to parcel post packages.

What does a Parcel Post Clerk do?

Wraps, inspects, weighs, and affixes postage to parcel post packages, and records c.o.d. and insurance information: Wraps packages or inspects wrapping for conformance to company standards and postal regulations. Weighs packages and determines postage, using scale and parcel post zone book, and affixes postage stamps to packages. Records information, such as value, charges, and destination of insured and c.o.d. packages. Copies and attaches c.o.d. card to packages to indicate amount to be collected. Addresses packages or compares addresses with records to verify accuracy. May compute cost of merchandise, shipping fees, and other charges, and bill customer. May sort parcels for shipment, according to destination or other classification, and place parcels in mail bags or bins and be designated Mail-Order Sorter. May process incoming and outgoing mail [MAIL CLERK 209.687-026]. May fill orders from stock and be designated Parcel-Post Order-Clerk.