Paramedical Aesthetician

Prepare patients for medical cosmetic procedures.

What does a Paramedical Aesthetician do?

Society’s obsession with keeping everyone permanently young has spurred a flurry of Botox parties and chemical peels among celebrities, celebrity wannabes, and bored socialites everywhere. As frozen eyebrows and overblown lips become the norm in some circles, it can be easy to forget that these are all medical procedures, each with its own risks and recovery times.

Paramedical Aestheticians are part of the medical team that performs these procedures. A Paramedical Aesthetician prepares clients by walking them through what to expect and getting their skin ready.

Although, as a Paramedical Aesthetician, you’re not the person doing the actual injecting and peeling, you still need to know quite a bit about skin. Before the Dermatologist or Plastic Surgeon gets to work, you gather a client’s medical history to make sure you’re not using anything that can trigger a nasty allergic reaction. You explain the procedure in detail, and give the client tips on how to protect and handle their skin after everything is said and done. You might also sell products or suggest treatments that will get them the skin they ultimately want.

Right before a treatment, your job is all about prepping. You get the patient ready by performing a facial massage or applying a numbing agent. You then sterilize tools and prepare the room for the Doctor.

Though you often work with patients who are looking to improve their skin for cosmetic reasons, you can also work with those who need serious medical attention. Like Medical Estheticians, you can have patients who are burn victims or have dermatological disorders.