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Paralegal Career Information

Paralegals are important to the success of companies in a variety of industries. To become a successful paralegal, individuals must be good at pleadings, legal research, and also have an understanding of document review and legal writing.

Paralegal Education & Background

Most paralegal jobs require at least a bachelor’s degree. Political science and government is the preferred degree in this field compared to psychology and criminal justice and corrections. English language and literature majors are also more prevalent than history majors.

Paralegal Companies & Industries

Paralegals work both individually and cross functionally with others in their organizations. The law practice industry is 2 – 3 times more popular for paralegals than any other industry. However, the legal services, law enforcement, and financial services industries are also great places to work as paralegals.

What cities do paralegals end up at?

Another common consideration many graduates face when they start to search for jobs is the job location. New York is the most favorable city for graduates to work as paralegals. Chicago, Boston, Los Angeles, and Philadelphia each offer their own unique set of attractions to students.


Support Lawyers by doing research and paperwork on their cases.

Salary Range: $38,168 - $50,000
Industry: Financial Services
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