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Paralegal Supervisor

Train and oversee a team of Paralegals.

What does a Paralegal Supervisor do?

When you say law, most people think Lawyer. But a Paralegal is a big part of this profession, doing a lot of the behind-the-scenes work. In fact, a Paralegal does everything a Lawyer does, except present cases in court, give legal advice, and set legal fees. What’s left to do? Lots! A Paralegal is involved in all aspects of the case, from doing the initial research to assisting the Attorney in the courtroom.

Paralegals begins their work on a case by learning as much as they can about it. They look up past cases and legal decisions relating to the case, then find relevant laws and any other material that might help their Lawyer win the case. They can spend their days interviewing clients or witnesses, finding medical or insurance records, or reviewing tax information. As the case is being tried, they file motions, draft contracts, and organize facts. Paralegals can work in any area of law and in any number of offices. Though most of them work in law offices, some opt for big businesses or the government.

So what does all this have to do with Paralegal Supervisors? A Paralegal Supervisor does all the tasks mentioned above, plus more-he or she also handles a lot of management. As a Paralegal Supervisor, you oversee the other Paralegals in your company or department, making sure they’re doing their job well. You also help with difficult cases, train new Paralegals, and generally act as their point person for any work-related issues.