Paralegal Instructor

Teach would-be Paralegals the essentials of the job.

What does a Paralegal Instructor do?

Paralegals help Lawyers do their jobs, giving them administrative, research, and organizational support throughout the day. And Paralegal Instructors help Paralegals do their job. Well, at least initially. Paralegal Instructors teach Paralegals all they need to know to get the Associate’s degree or certificate necessary for their job.

Your daily responsibilities depend on what type of Teacher you are. Most positions in this field are for Adjunct Professors, which are Professors who don’t work full-time and aren’t on their way to being tenured. If this is the case, you might have another job. Often Paralegal Instructors are themselves Paralegals with years of past experience, or Lawyers who have worked with Paralegals for years.

No matter your background, you work to create classes and lessons that teach budding Paralegals all they need to know. One day you might focus on legal research, and another day you might teach the best way to fill out a motion. The only things Paralegals can’t do that Lawyers can are set legal fees, give legal advice, and present cases in court, so there’s a lot to teach.

Different methods like group work, individual projects, homework, and tests all educate your students. Throughout the class, you watch their progress, record grades, and tutor the ones who fall behind. And you always remain on track in terms of relevant lessons to make sure your students learn what they need to learn by the time they graduate.