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Parachute Rigger



Fold parachutes according to specifications and pack chutes in bag.

What does a Parachute Rigger do?

Folds parachutes according to specifications and packs chutes in bag: Draws canopy of parachute from pack cover to its full length on surface of long bench. Straightens shrouds to eliminate coils or tangles. Folds canopy lengthwise on its seams, one segment over another. Loops each shroud and forces it into retaining clip of pack cover. Folds canopy in fanfold arrangement and places in pack cover. Places pilot chute over parachute canopy, forces spring flat with hands, and secures it in place with release devices, such as ripcord, barometric pressure release, electromechanical release, or explosive charge. Inspects canopy, shroud, buckles, and harness straps for damage or wear. Must be licensed by Federal Aviation Administration. May be designated Master Rigger when additionally qualified through experience to meet Federal Aviation Administration requirements.

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