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Parabolic Expert

Train astronauts and thrill seekers in zero-gravity.

What does a Parabolic Expert do?

Few people can say that they’ve truly gone through the tummy-tossing, head-lightening experience of weightless flight. It’s thanks to the Parabolic Expert that they can brag about it. Weightless flight is a unique and expensive experience for wannabe Astronauts, Hollywood Actors, and thrill-seeking adventurers. The Parabolic Expert trains the participant in what to expect, offers safety precautions, and stays by their side while they travel into the sky for the experience of a lifetime.

The flight itself involves a series of roller coaster-like climbs and drops that give the sensation of weightlessness. It’s a nauseating topsy-turvy ride that allows those who can keep their breakfast down to perform a variety of stunts and tricks.

In this job, you’re part Acrobat and part Teacher. You might also act as a Cinematographer capturing the moment on film. Or, there might be a professional film crew on board, making a movie or commercial. To accommodate their specific goals, you might advise the Actor on how to make a certain move, do a little amateur acting yourself, or place yourself in a position off camera but still within range to help out.

Your Parabolic Expert training has prepared you for all sorts of emergencies. Just like Flight Attendants on other planes, you give directions, react to emergencies, and offer aid as needed. You make sure the participant is informed, safe, and as comfortable as can be while performing midair somersaults at 30,000 feet!