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Paperboard Box Maker

Fabricate cartons, boxes, and other paper products.

What does a Paperboard Box Maker do?

Fabricates cartons, boxes, and other paper products from laminated, corrugated, or plain paperboard materials: Measures and marks or traces outline of carton on paperboard sheet, using template, pattern, ruler, and marking pencil. Cuts sheets along markings to form carton blanks, using bandsaw or papercutter. Feeds blanks or paperboard sheets into machines that slit, score, slot, form, or glue them, or folds blanks along scored lines and tapes or stitches edges together to form cartons. Assembles and fits slotted pieces together to form partitions for cartons. Glues strips of cellophane on carton to form windows in container. Counts specified number of cartons and ties them into bundles for shipment, using twine or wire. May glue linen strips to tops and backs of boxes to form hinges. May paste or glue paper edgings or linings to boxes to form trimmings.