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Paper Reel Operator

Tend machines that wind paper cords from rolls onto adjustable reels.

What does a Paper Reel Operator do?

Tends machine that winds paper or twisted paper cord from rolls onto adjustable reel and cuts it into specified lengths: Fastens roll of paper or cord into shaft supports. Wraps tape measure around reel and turns handcrank to move horizontal bars in or out to adjust circumference of reel. Removes tape and wraps paper or cord around horizontal bar of reel and secures in place with hooks. Depresses lever or throws switch to start reel, winding paper or cord from roll for specified number of revolutions. Stops machine and cuts through layers of paper or cord along groove in horizontal bar of reel with knife to make individual sheets of paper or pieces of cord. Removes paper from reel to handtruck. Ties cord into bundles. May wrap sheets of paper into bundles preparatory to shipping.