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Paper Processing Machine Helper

Mount rolls of paper on machines.

What does a Paper Processing Machine Helper do?

Mounts rolls of paper on machines, such as combiner, coating machine, and waxing machine, and performs related duties to assist machine operators: Inserts metal shaft through core of paper roll, positions roll on machine feedrack, using hoist, and clamps shaft in bearings. Shoves core on rewind shaft and positions shaft in machine rewind rack. Assists operator in threading paper through machine, and starts end of paper around rewind core. Splices breaks in paper, using tape and hot iron. Removes rewound roll from machine with hoist, and pulls shaft from core by hand. Performs other duties as described under HELPER Master Title. May stack cardboard container blanks and return blanks to operator for further processing of untreated sides of blanks. May examine coating of blanks for imperfections and notify operator when imperfections occur. May be designated according to worker assisted, as Coating-Machine-Operator Helper; Combiner-Operator Helper; Supercalender-Operator Helper; Waxing-Machine-Operator Helper.