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Paper Goods Machine Set-Up Operator

Set up and adjust machines that convert paper sheets into products.

What does a Paper Goods Machine Set-Up Operator do?

Sets up and adjusts machines that convert, saw, corrugate, band, wrap, box, stitch, form, or seal paper or paperboard sheets into products, such as toilet tissue, towels, napkins, bags, envelopes, tubing, cartons, wax rolls, and containers, according to specifications, by any combination of following tasks: Adjusts rolls, guides, and chutes to accommodate type of paper or paperboard fed from parent rolls or flat stock from automatic feedracks, using handtools. Measures, spaces, and sets saw blades, cutters, and perforators, according to product specifications, using rule, thumbscrews, and wrenches. Installs printing attachment to machine and makes adjustment for clarity of print. Threads wire through stitching head and synchronizes speed for spacing stitches. Installs or resets cutting dies according to work orders, using handtools. Operates machine for test run to verify adjustments and observes functioning of machine parts, such as gauges, elevator, belts, slip clutches, oil injectors, glue feeders, and electrical devices. Repairs or replaces defective parts. May be designated according to type of machine adjusted as Bag-Machine Set-Up Operator; Gluing-Machine Adjuster; Stitcher Set-Up Operator, Automatic.