Paper Coating Machine Operator

Operate machines to coat paper with chemical solution.

What does a Paper Coating Machine Operator do?

Operates machine to coat paper with chemical solution or emulsion to produce paper for graphic duplicating or photographic printmaking: Fills coating troughs with specified chemicals. Mounts paper roll on machine spindle, using hoist or lift truck. Threads paper through coating rollers and drying chamber. Adjusts screws on roller shaft to regulate machine speed and paper tension, using handtools. Adjusts temperature in drying chamber to regulate drying of paper. Examines and feels surface of coated paper emerging from machine for streaks, discoloration, and adequate moisture content. Cuts paper with knife to obtain sample for laboratory testing. Records gauge and graph readings and production data. May be designated according to type of coating applied as Blueprint-Paper-Coating-Machine Operator; Photographic-Paper-Coating-Machine Operator.