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Pantry Goods Maker

Prepare salads, appetizers, sandwich fillings, and other cold dishes.

What does a Pantry Goods Maker do?

Prepares salads, appetizers, sandwich fillings, and other cold dishes: Washes, peels, slices, and mixes vegetables, fruits, or other ingredients for salads, cold plates, and garnishes. Carves and slices meats and cheese. Portions and arranges food on serving dishes. Prepares fruit or seafood cocktails and hors d’oeuvres. Measures and mixes ingredients to make salad dressings, cocktail sauces, gelatin salads, cold desserts, and waffles, following recipes. Makes sandwiches to order [SANDWICH MAKER 317.664-010]. Brews tea and coffee [COFFEE MAKER 317.684-010]. Prepares breakfast and dessert fruits, such as melons, grapefruit, and bananas. Portions fruit sauces and juices. Distributes food to waiters/waitresses to serve to customers. May serve food to customers. May be designated Salad Maker when specializing in making salads.