Pantograph Machine Set-Up Operator

Set up and operate pantograph-milling machines.

What does a Pantograph Machine Set-Up Operator do?

Sets up and operates pantograph-milling machine to mill contoured two-dimensional profiles and three-dimensional cavities in metal parts of such products as dies and molds for metal diecasting and plastic molding, duplicating contour of template or model to specified scale: Studies blueprint, workpiece, and template or model, and plans operations. Positions and secures workpiece and model or template in relation to each other on machine, using work aids and handtools, such as clamps, parallel blocks, and wrenches. Selects tracing stylus, cutting tool, and cutting speed, according to operation to be performed and knowledge of metal properties and machining methods. Mounts stylus and tool, using handtools. Turns controls to set cutting speed and dimensional ratio of model to workpiece, and starts machine. Grasps knob and moves stylus back and forth against template or model, causing similar action of tool against workpiece. Watches tool, feels action and resistance of tool through hand on knob, and manually controls cutting action in response to these stimuli. Verifies conformance of machined workpiece to specifications, using templates and measuring instruments, such as micrometers, dial indicators, and gauges. May make templates or cutting tools for own use.