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Pantograph Engraver

Carve designs onto different items using a pantograph to copy it perfectly.

What does a Pantograph Engraver do?

A pantograph is like a machine with two arms. While one arm “reads” a diagram, the other arm “copies” an exact replica of that design. Pantograph Engravers use pantographs to engrave a variety of messages into a range of different materials.

As a Pantograph Engraver, you might carve the winner’s name into a bowling ball, create one-of-a-kind Christmas ornaments, or personalize jewelry. Whatever the message, it’s your responsibility as a Pantograph Engraver to make sure it looks professional. After all, your customers rely on your skills to send a message—whether it’s a trophy, a set of wine glasses, or an engagement ring.

In order to create the right result, you pay attention to every detail in the process. You start by creating a pattern using a computer or your freestyle sketching skills.

With a plan in hand, you then make adjustments to the machine. Depending on the project, this might include calculating, and configuring for, the size, height, depth, or width of the design. Specialized tools help you ensure that the specifications are exact. You take accurate measurements using calipers, micrometers, and others.

Maintenance is another important aspect of your job as a Pantograph Engraver. Just like a Tattoo Artist, if your equipment isn’t working, you’re out of a job. So before you begin carving initials, designs, and titles, you sharpen the cutting edges and perform other regular maintenance tasks.