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Panelboard Operator

Control programmed equipment to dye yarns or cloths.

What does a Panelboard Operator do?

Controls programmed equipment to dye yarn or cloth: Mounts specified cycle-control template in timing track. Turns crank to align starting point on template with vacuum/electric controls, and temperature tracer with profile cut in top of program master. Transfers dye formula to DYE WEIGHER 550.684-014 and verifies quantities mixed. Presses buttons on panelboard to begin fill-cycles in specified machines and notifies DYE WEIGHER to transfer dye and chemical solutions to machines when panelboard lights indicate yarn or cloth loading is complete and processing cycle in operation. Observes panelboard lights, gauges, graphs, and dials to determine progress of dyeing cycles and to detect malfunctions. Presses buttons and turns knobs to stop automatic cycle to obtain samples, fill or drain machines, adjust variable limits of machine water-level controls, or to resume processing cycle to include washing and stabilizing dye in yarn or cloth. Tests solutions for acidity or alkalinity strengths, using pH testing equipment, and records results onto formula. Notifies supervisory personnel of malfunctions, variations from processing standards, and completion of processing cycles. Records processing data onto dye formulas. May develop and maintain dye formulas.